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Indigo Diversity Pledge Is A Commitment To Have More BIPOC Authors & Businesses In Store

With the new Indigo diversity pledge, the Canadian retailer is committing to more representation by having 15% of shelf space dedicated to featuring BIPOC-owned businesses and authors.

On October 21, the company announced that it joined the 15% Pledge which is all about major retailers supporting brands and people that represent the population.

That means the book store will be making changes.

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15% of books and lifestyle products will be by BIPOC authors and businesses

They have committed to a couple of things with the pledge.

That includes having at least 15% of the books on display written by BIPOC authors by the end of 2021 and at least 15% of lifestyle products from BIPOC-owned businesses in the next two to five years.

In that time frame, there is also the goal to increase the number of books on display by BIPOC authors from 15% to 23%.

The book store isn't the onnly brand involved. You can actually sign a petition for this which calls for Canada to implement the 15% Pledge everywhere in support of economic equality.

If you want to support BIPOC-owned businesses, there's a directory for black-owned businesses in Canada and an interactive map of Indigenous-owned tourism businesses.

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