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Trudeau Urges Canadians To 'Stay Home' & Avoid Travel As COVID-19 Cases Climb (VIDEO)

People in badly-affected areas should "skip non-essential outings."
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Justin Trudeau Wants Canadians To 'Stay Home' & Avoid Travel As COVID-19 Cases Climb (VIDEO)

If COVID-19 cases are surging in your area, you should avoid discretionary travel and reduce your contacts. That was the message Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shared on Monday.

Sharing a clip of himself speaking outside of Rideau Cottage, the prime minister urged Canadians to “skip non-essential outings” and “work from home” whenever possible.

"The only way we can reverse the tide is if we immediately reduce the number of people each of us come into contact with,” Trudeau explained.

In particular, his advice was directed at people living in areas where COVID-19 case numbers are surging.

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To those in heavily-impacted areas, he added: “Stay at home if you can, and avoid all non-essential travel.”

The prime minister also pleaded with employers to allow their staff to work from home once again.

“If you don’t need to, don’t leave your home,” he added.

Trudeau concluded the address by urging Canadians to consider downloading the federal government’s COVID-19 alert app, which he said has now been downloaded by 5.3 million people.

Sharing the video to his Twitter account, the prime minister wrote, "you know the drill."

This comes just days after he admitted a normal Christmas would be "out of the question" this year, due to the rising numbers of positive tests in Canada.

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