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Justin Trudeau Congratulated New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern On Her Landslide Election Win

Trudeau said Canada and New Zealand have a strong friendship.

Keeping the friendship strong! Justin Trudeau's congratulatory message to  Jacinda Ardern comes as the New Zealand prime minister got a second term in office with a landslide election win.

Following Ardern's win where her party got 49% of the vote, Trudeau tweeted out his congratulations.

He said that he's looking forward to working with her again whether they're fighting climate change, empowering women and girls or making sure a COVID-19 vaccine gets distributed fairly.

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I look forward to continuing our work together — and keeping the Canada-New Zealand friendship strong.

Justin Trudeau

Trudeau also said he's ready for them to keep the friendship going between Canada and New Zealand strong.

In a statement, the prime minister noted that the friendship is built on common priorities, close people-to-people ties and shared values.

He complimented the newly re-elected leader and said "her dedication and determination has helped advance" important issues.

Trudeau and Ardern met over Skype back when she was first elected in 2017 and then in-person in 2018.

Our prime minister almost faced another election himself after proroguing Parliament and holding a confidence vote but Canadians won't be heading to the polls just yet.