Known conservative political commentator and talkative Los Angeles based podcaster Ben Shapiro tweeted a surprising political opinion last night and people lost their minds about it.

In a tweet late on election night, Shapiro wrote that it was "deeply irresponsible" for President Trump to say that he had already won the election when he had not actually done that yet.

This is particularly out of character for longtime conservative Shapiro, who released an eight-minute video back in October talking about why he was voting for Trump.

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No, Trump has not already won the election, and it is deeply irresponsible for him to say he has. Ben Shapiro

And yet, at 11:31 p.m. on Election Night, he had this to say.

This thought upset a lot of his conservative base, who let him know about it.

Arguments ensued in the comments about cheating versus counting ballots.

At the time of publication, Shapiro's tweet had 22.8k replies.

Those who don't normally agree with Shapiro were shocked to actually agree with Shapiro.

Then again, others wondered why anyone was getting riled up about the statement in either direction.