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This Charming Coastal Beach Town In California Is Like Strolling Through Italy

A European vacation without the airfare!🌅
Capitola California Is Like Strolling Through The Streets Of Italy

Pack your bags — just kidding! You can leave your passport at home because this charming town is like a European vacation without the hefty airfare. Capitola, California, is the most lovely city around, and parts of it will feel like you're strolling through Italy. 

Just a little over a 5-hour road trip from Los Angeles, Capitola is the best place to be if your job description says "beach bum."

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This resort town is the state's oldest one with colorful architecture similar to the Mediterranean. 

With tons of cute shops, restaurants, seaside accommodations, and art galleries, this spot is the perfect place to unwind and sink your toes in the sand. 

If you want to be transported, the Capitola Venetian Hotel is an oceanfront boutique that boasts colorful suites. 

You can have a picnic on the beach or get some grub at the Bella Roma Cafe if you're craving Italian.

Pasta on the west coast's version of Italy is as dreamy as it sounds. 

On top of strolling through town and catching some rays on the beach, you can go wine tasting or go shopping for some antique home decor.

No need to bring extra suitcases, fill up your car with all of your souvenirs! No baggage fees, so it's a win-win. 

Almost every corner of this town is picturesque, making it the perfect backdrop for any photo

With landscape this good, you might even trick your Insta followers that you're on vacation in another country!

Forget about a plane ticket to Europe; you can get a little taste of it right in the Golden State. 


Price: Free

Address: Capitola, CA

Why You Need To Go: You can get a taste of Italy right in California. 

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