You Can Wander Through Fields With Over 58,800 Technicolor Blooms In California

Get ready to tip-toe through technicolor "tulips."🌷
Field Of Light In California Lets You Wander Through Technicolor Fields

If you love visiting fields filled with technicolor blooms, you are going to be dazzled by this latest art exhibit.

The Field Of Light installation in California lets you explore a magical meadow made up of over 58,800 glowing flowers.

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Created by the artist Bruce Munro, this interactive field lets you explore acres of dreamy fiber-optic spheres that change colors.

The "bulbs" are solar-powered and create a truly spectacular backdrop against the dark countryside.

Tickets cost between $35 - $40 for general admission and include access to a common area where you can purchase food and drinks.

According to the website, more exhibits and venues will be added next year.

Opening hours vary depending on the time of year, and you have the option to purchase a VIP package for $75 - $85 that gives you exclusive access to private seating areas and the Airstream Bar.

This fantastic exhibit combines nature and art for a truly breathtaking experience.

Field of Light at Sensorio

Price: $35 - $85

Address: 4380 Highway 46 E., Paso Robles, CA

Why You Need To Go: You can explore dreamy fields of glowing flowers at this art installation.

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