'Love Is Blind' Fans Are Asking If Colleen Is 'OK' & Calling Out Matt's 'Red Flags'

"MATT is the villain."

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Matt Bolton and Colleen Reed on "Love Is Blind."

Matt Bolton and Colleen Reed on "Love Is Blind."

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Netflix’s Love Is Blind finale and reunion episodes aren’t sitting well with some fans, particularly after the shocking finish to Matt Bolton and Colleen Reed’s love story.

The pair were one of five couples to make it to the altar in Season 3 of the hit reality show, despite several moments when Bolton seemed ready to pack his bags and bolt from the relationship altogether.

They each ended up saying “I do” in the finale and were still together for the recently-shot reunion episode. However, fans are raising questions about whether Reed has been sucked into a toxic situation, especially after reading into her body language at the reunion.

One TikToker pointed out that Bolton did most of the talking for the couple, and that Reed seemed uncomfortable on the couch beside him.


The WHOLE vibe they give is just totally off😭😭 #lib #loveisblindnetflix #colleenandmatt #toxic #abusesurvivor

Bolton and Reed also revealed that they're still not living together because of their leases.

"We're very much on the same page," Reed eventually said, adding that "logistics" and "money" were factors in them not moving in.

But some fans simply aren't buying it, as it's been over a year since their wedding on July 1, 2021.

"Her shifty eyes and fake smiles were so scary this entire reunion episode," reads one popular tweet.

Reed’s TikTok page has been flooded with comments urging her to watch out for Bolton, who blew up at her on camera multiple times over seemingly small disputes on the show.

“Netflix wrote my villain origin story,” Reed wrote in a recent TikTok caption.

“No girl you have it twisted, MATT is the villain,” one top comment reads.

“Girl you def got gaslit, Matt’s the villain not you,” said another.

“Matt is the true villain and is showing 🚩 constantly.. the guy doesn’t need a wife he needs a therapist,” wrote a third.

Others showed up in the comments of her latest video to raise concerns about her appearance at the reunion.

"I'm worried for you ... you seemed so scared and on edge at the reunion. I hope you are safe," reads the top comment.

"Your anxiety at the reunion makes me so nervous," wrote another. "Hope ur okay."

Bolton hasn't addressed the backlash, although fans were not impressed by a recent joke he made on Instagram.

"Casually awaiting my first therapy session," he wrote in the caption of a post.

"It's not a joke dude," reads one of the top comments. "You've got real issues."

"Maybe don't joke and actually do it," wrote another. "Millions of people (saw) your red flags."

Bolton did address some of his blow-ups in a recent interview with People.

"I'm glad we did go through those little stir-ups though because it allowed us to learn how we handle certain things," he said.

"If I could take anything back, it would be [...] not run away from that stuff," Bolton added. "That was something that we kind of came to — 'Don't run away when something happens' — and I felt like I was kind of looking for an out."

"Everything happens for a reason and me and Matt found each other, so I don't wish that I did anything differently with Matt," Reed told People in the same interview. "We were very transparent with each other and I'm proud of us for being so open and honest."

The entire third season of Love Is Blind is available now on Netflix.

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