Lizzo Went Off On The 'Love Is Blind' Finale & Her Fav Lady Showed Up In The Comments

We need more from Lizzo!

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Lizzo. Right: Lizzo watching Love Is Blind.

Lizzo. Right: Lizzo watching Love Is Blind.

Many fans who watched the season 3 finale of Love Is Blind have their own opinion on what went down, and even Lizzo has a take on the drama.

Lizzo has turned to TikTok to discuss how the show played out, and many people are loving everything she had to say.

In her latest TikTok video, Lizzo starts off with Nancy Rodriguez and Bartise Bowden's wedding.

"Bartleby [Bartise] said no, we knew that. But Nancy, I just wish, I just really want everyone in your family and your ancestors [to] just cuss him [Bartise] out," she said, before showing the screen of Rodriguez's family going off after the failed wedding.

Lizzo then moves on to Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux's wedding scene, including the part where Alfia says she's "not looking forward to putting on Spanx, getting into the dress."

"Alexa, we'll send you some Yitty girl," Lizzo said. Yitty is a shapewear brand started by Lizzo.

"Slayyyy," Lizzo continued during a shot of Alfia in her dress.

"These vows, they gone make me cry. I do! SLAY."

The American rapper then pointed out her love for Alexa's entire family.

"I need a reality show about Alexa's family stat. They are all gorgeous," Lizzo added. She also described Alexa as her favorite lady on the show.

She then moved on to Zanab Jaffrey and Cole Barnett's wedding, pausing at one moment to declare that Jaffrey's dad is "fire."


Let’s get into this reunion henny…

Alfia clearly watched the TikTok video and responded with nothing by love in the comments.

"I have 0 words. There are words somewhere but all I can say is I love you!!!!!!!!" she wrote.

Fans are also loving Lizzo's commentary and are demanding more.


"WE NEED A PART 3 LIZZO!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭," another person commented.

"😂😂 Barnlebee! Hilarious. Kelly here from LIB S1! Thanks for watching @lizzo 🥰🥰," wrote Kelly Chase from season 1 of Love Is Blind.

This isn't the first video Lizzo has posted about the Netflix dating series. She posted one before watching the weddings episode during which the singer listed out a few thoughts about the show.

"Zanab definitely has Virgo in her big 3 [...] and that's fine, I'm a Virgo moon," she said.

"I love Alexa. I love Raven. Sorry those are my faves this season," Lizzo continued.

The American singer and rapper also called out Sikiru "SK" Alagbada for his scene at the altar.

"SK you shouldn't of done that romantic a** speech and then said 'I do not,' that was not cool at all. I don't care," Lizzo said in her video.


#loveisblind bouta watch tomorrow 😏

Lizzo then went off on Bartise Bowden.

"So nobody gonna call out Bartholomew [Bartise] for saying his grandma called him mijo when he was talking to Nancy, but his parents are black and white," she said.

Several stars from the third season of the Netflix series are also following along based on their comments on Lizzo's video.

"@alexaalfia omg," Raven Ross commented.

Nancy Rodriguez showed her love with a single 😍 emoji.

We're dying to see what Lizzo thinks of that chaotic reunion episode!

The entire season 3 of Love Is Blind is available on Netflix.

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Associate Editor, Global
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