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Canada's Worst Jobs For Mental Health Were Revealed But Students Are Feeling The Saddest

Still, things are looking up for Canada's students.

A study analyzing which industries have the worst mental health has shown that full-time students have the lowest mental health score, and they have for a while.

LifeWorks released its monthly Mental Health Index for June 2021 that looks at the mental health of people across Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic. For the 13th month in a row, full-time post-secondary students have the lowest mental health score at -20.6.

The score for students has continuously been significantly lower than the next-lowest-scoring occupations and that was the case for June as well. Those in accommodation and food services were second-worst, with a score of -15.6, while arts, entertainment and recreation came in third at -15.

On the other end of the spectrum, people who work in public administration and professional, scientific and technical services had the highest mental health scores in June. They were still in the red, however, at -7.4 and -7.5 respectively.

Despite having the lowest score for over a year now, LifeWorks said that full-time post-secondary students had the biggest improvement in mental health from the previous month.

In May, a study revealed that Quebec is home to four spots that made a ranking of the best cities in Canada for students in 2021,