A pink paradise is closer than you think. Pink Sands Beach on Harbour Island in The Bahamas has the dreamiest bubblegum-colored sand that draws curious travelers from around the world. This beautiful beach is just a few ferry rides away from South Florida, so you can roam these enchanting shores without having to board a flight.

You can plan your Bahamas trip between ferry rides. Start by cruising from Fort Lauderdale to Freeport, then from Freeport to Nassau, then Nassau to Harbour Island.

Pink Sands Beach has about three miles of shoreline. The water is a bright turquoise blue with gentle waves thanks to the surrounding coral reefs

The beach got its unique color from a tiny animal with a reddish-pink shell. The shells are broken up by the waves and blended with the white sands.

The rosy hue of the shoreline isn't the only reason to visit. If you go in the winter months, you can enjoy ideal temperatures in the 70s.

Horseback riding is a popular beach activity for travelers. You'll trot through pink sands and even into the blue waves.

The island itself is pretty small, so you can explore mainly by walking. You can also rent bikes and golf carts for quicker travel.

If you would rather fly, you can take an hour-long flight from Miami or Fort Lauderdale to Eleuthera. From there, you're only a short water taxi ride from Harbour Island. 

The sand's unusual tint is also found in Greece, Bermuda, Barbados, Spain, and Indonesia, so you can go on a pink sand safari. 

Whenever you make the trip, be sure to take plenty of photos of the blush shores. This island destination is sure to brighten up your vacay.

Pink Sands Beach

Price: Ferry fees vary, check here and here.

Address: Harbour Island, Bahamas

Why You Need To Go: If you're in SoFlo, this pretty beach is a must-see. You'll take the cutest pictures by the rosy sands and bright blue water.

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