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Canada Is Sending An Astronaut Around The Moon In 2023 & It'll Make History

This will take Canada to the moon for the very first time!
NASA Moon Mission Will See A Canadian Astronaut Orbit The Moon In 2023

As part of an upcoming NASA moon mission, a Canadian astronaut will orbit around Earth's natural satellite in 2023 and it will make history.

On December 16, it was announced that the Canadian Space Agency and NASA signed a treaty to confirm Canada's participation in the next missions to the moon.

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The Canada-U.S. Gateway Treaty takes Canada to the Moon for the first time. Navdeep Bains

As part of the new Gateway Treaty, Canada will play a role in the Artemis II mission that's is set to blast off in 2023 which will be the first crewed mission to the moon since 1972.

That will be a historic moment as Canada will be the second nation to have an astronaut travel to deep space and orbit around the moon.

After that, another space flight will take a Canadian to the Lunar Gateway, a small space station that will allow astronauts to land on the moon's surface.

Canada is contributing a robotic arm to the project and its control station will be here in the True North.

Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry Navdeep Bains said that this will take Canada to the moon for the first time and it's "a significant moment in Canada's space history".

The Canadian Space Agency has collaborated with NASA before on a mission to Mars and another one to "boop" an asteroid 

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