This year's Netflix Canada trends show what everyone was into and are a pretty perfect representation of the COVID-19 timeline.

The streaming service shared with Narcity which shows and movies Canadians have been watching throughout 2020 and what was searched for the most.

In March, April and May, thrillers was one of the most-watched genres with the third season of Ozark and the films Dangerous Lies and Inheritance being the most popular ones.

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81% how much searches for baking shows in Canada increased in April

A lot of people took up cooking and baking this year so much so that "how to make sourdough starter" was one of the top trending Google searches for 2020.

On Netflix, searches for baking shows across the country went up by 81% in April from the month before.

Cooking shows were searched for 65% more from March to April.

Even children were getting into it with a 38% increase for kids baking shows in March compared to February.

While the streaming service probably kept a lot of people entertained this year, the federal government wants to tax big web companies like Netflix which might mean subscribers end up paying more.

Jagmeet Singh has even called out Netflix and Amazon for not paying enough taxes during the COVID-19 pandemic.