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Newfoundland RCMP Confirm Someone Was Swept Into The Water During Fiona & Another Is Missing

The missing person was in a home that had a part broken off after a wave crashed into it.

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​House damaged by waves from Hurricane Fiona in Port aux Basques, Newfoundland. Right: Damage caused in the town by the storm.

House damaged by waves from Hurricane Fiona in Port aux Basques, Newfoundland. Right: Damage caused in the town by the storm.

Following Hurricane Fiona's landfall in Canada as a post-tropical storm with strong winds and large waves, RCMP is investigating after reports of people swept into the water by waves.

Newfoundland RCMP Corporal Jolene Garland confirmed to Narcity that one person had been swept into the water as Fiona battered the region and an investigation is underway into another reported incident.

These incidents happened on Saturday, September 24, in the town of Port aux Basques which is located on the southwestern coast of Newfoundland.

It has been confirmed that a woman was knocked into the water when a house in the town was damaged by waves coming on shore as a result of Fiona.

"There were local bystanders there who were able to rescue her and get her out," Garland said. "She was transported for medical treatment and is believed to be in good condition."

As for the reported incident of someone being swept out into the water, RCMP has now formally opened up a missing person investigation.

It has been confirmed that a section of a home was damaged and broken off by a wave and that someone was in the home when the wave struck.

Police have not been able to locate the woman who was in the house at the time of impact.

"She's nowhere to be found," Garland said.

"Unfortunately given the situation it isn't safe to conduct a search at this time so as soon as it's safe to do so we will be doing that," Garland continued.

RCMP shared on Twitter that the town of Port aux Basques is under a state of emergency and residents are being asked to follow evacuation orders.

First responders are currently dealing with "multiple electrical fires, residential flooding and washouts" in the town.

As the storm makes its way through Atlantic Canada, people have been posting photos and videos on social media about the damage that has been caused by the rain, wind and waves including toppled trees, downed power lines and flooded streets.

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