Alberta's Premier was asked by a reporter on Thursday, September 24 about the global demand for Alberta's oil and the trend towards non-gas vehicles like Teslas.  

Jason Kenney responded, saying "If you really think the billion people in India who are all desperately moving toward a higher standard of living are going to be driving Teslas 15 years from now, then you're disconnected from reality." 

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They don't have the luxury of repeating all these California-style pieties. They want to stop burning cow dung. 

Premier Jason Kenney

Kenney also added in the press conference that "billions of people" around the world are living in "extreme energy poverty."

Therefore, he said he believes the demand for Alberta's oil and gas production would still be intact down the line. 

Jasvir Deol, an MLA for Edmonton-Meadows said that Kenney is "completely out of touch" and lacks "empathy on racism at home." 

Abhijeet Manay, the deputy leader of the Green Party of Ontario, said "this is the some of the most offensive things I've heard in Canadian politics."

Prab Gill, a former MLA, said that the statement was "wrong on so many levels." 

On top of his remarks about India, Kenney also took aim at Trudeau's speech again and said it "spectacularly failed the mark yesterday." 

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