Protesters were attacked in broad daylight in the middle of the street in Manitoba. The Winnipeg hockey stick assault happened after a Black/Indigenous Lives Matter rally. Police are now investigating what happened.

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

A video of the incident that happened on July 4 in Winnipeg has been circulating on social media. 

It shows two people of colour who were participating in the rally at the Manitoba Legislative Building walking in the street while two white women approach them as they go past.

A third white woman gets out of the back seat of the car with a hockey stick in her hands and runs towards the two people.

Then she raises the stick at the pair like she's going to hit them.

One moves away from the woman as she continues to charge towards him and then the second person tries to take the stick from her and she can be heard saying, "don't f*cking hit him."

The woman takes swings at the two protesters, seemingly assaulting them both.

The person who shared the video on social media said that before the assault happened, the protesters were in the street singing, chanting and walking along.

While some drivers were yelling at them to get off the road, most just drove around them.

Except for these people.

The person said they initially got out of the car and were yelling but then it escalated to what can be seen in the video.

The person who shared the video said that more happened after the camera stopped recording.

They said the woman hit one of the people on the head and the other on the arm and the woman in pink threw a glass cup at one of the protesters.

Apparently, one person's phone was stolen after it fell to the ground and then the three women ran to the car and drove off.

According to the CBC, there is another video that shows one of the other women from the car also wielding the hockey stick.

One person who was assaulted told the CBC that he decided to lie down in the street in front of cars to bring attention to the rally.

Then a woman and three other people inside of a car started shouting racial slurs at him.

He got up and the car moved past him aggressively so he threw water from a bottle onto it.

That's when the car stopped and the people got out.

The Winnipeg Police Service told Narcity that just after 8:00 p.m. on July 4, officers responded to a report of this assault.

Of the two victims, only one was really injured and while an ambulance was requested, she declined treatment.

The Major Crimes Unit is investigating and anyone who witnessed what happened is asked to contact police.

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