After coming down with a “throat tickle” and a “raspy throat” in September, Justin Trudeau was tested for COVID-19.

In a press conference on October 5, the prime minister was asked about how often he is getting tested, given the situation with U.S. President Donald Trump.

He confirmed that he had taken a test back in September, after experiencing "a bit of a throat tickle" and "a bit of a raspy throat."

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Trudeau explained that his doctor had recommended a test after he experienced these symptoms.

When the assessment came back negative, the PM says he returned to work after he was given the go-ahead from his doctor.

"Every step of the way, I, my office, and our government has been following the advice of public health officials," he added.

He also confirmed that he was not tested for COVID-19 back in March, when his wife tested positive for the illness.

The prime minister explained that he had been advised not to take a test at that time, as he was not experiencing any symptoms.

“Every step of the way I’ve been following public health advice and following expert advice and I will continue to follow expert advice on that,” he reiterated. 

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