A petition is floating around urging Governor Ron DeSantis to take action against Florida's past. The residents in Plantation are seeking a new name for their city and close to reaching its goal. The Plantation name change petition already has more than 3,000 signatures.

"For too long has the City of Plantation allowed for its name to be a symbol of its racist confederate past," wrote Dharyl Auguste, who posted on Change.org. "In the wake of the Black Lives Matter Movement and the protests around the country, I believe this is the perfect time for the city to align itself on the right side of history by casting away a name that does it no justice.

Auguste continues to say that the diverse nature no longer coincides with its given name. His request comes after a week of protests surged throughout the state. The petition needs 5,000 signatures and is almost close to hitting it with more than 3,400 people signing it.

Most who have commented under the petition are supportive of the change. "Glorifying and memorializing the use of slavery in this country is perpetuating the social and economic divide," said signee Leah Langston, adding that this has existed since Ponce de Leon discovered Florida. 

Raquelle Thenard wrote, "I live in Plantation and it's embarrassing to name it, honestly, to friends and acquaintances when they ask where I live." 

There have already been some suggestions thrown out there as to what should replace Planation. Auguste suggested Jacaranda named after the native Florida tree.

He says the change would be a more "friendly name" and would make it easier for the city to stand out from its Broward County siblings. Other suggestions like Jacaranda City and Jacarandaville have been thrown out.

The current name was born from the previous owner of the Everglades Plantation Company, who aimed to bring a rice plantation to the area.

As the petition continues to gain support, it's unclear whether DeSantis or the city council will take up the cause. However, Auguste says that "this simple name change will signify our step into a new era of social consciousness."

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