This summer has brought more than just hurricanes to Florida, it’s also brought an eruption of mosquito populations, with a rise of West Nile virus cases sweeping through Florida.

William Petrie, Miami-Dade County’s mosquito-control chief, was quoted by the Miami Herald as saying that the uptick of West Nile is likely due to the dumping of rain the state has received this season.

This has helped their populations to spike, leading to more bites and increased chances for infection.


cases confirmed in Miami-Dade

While Miami-Dade has seen 26 confirmed cases, according to the Miami Herald, this is Broward County’s first since 2012.

The Florida Keys are also struggling with an outbreak of dengue fever, with 26 confirmed infections as of August 4.

Miami-Dade County is under a mosquito-borne illness alert, and there are currently no vaccines for the West Nile Virus.

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