8 McDonald's Happy Meal Toys You Probably Once Collected That Could Actually Be Valuable Now

Dust off your McCollection!

McDonald's Happy Meal. Right: Minions toys from a McDonald's Happy Meal.
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McDonald's Happy Meal. Right: Minions toys from a McDonald's Happy Meal.

Calling all McCollectors! If you stockpiled Happy Meal toys during your '90s and 00's childhood in Canada or the U.S., you could be in for a hefty pay day.

That's because many of those little pieces of plastic joy have actually increased in value as the years have passed, with some specific toys now selling for over a hundred times the original cost of the Happy Meal.

So, if you have any of these old McDonald's Happy Meal toys lying around at home, hold onto your nuggets, because you could be sitting on a mini gold mine.

Since the iconic kids meal launched in 1986, a huge variety of limited-edition toys, figurines, books, games and even glasses have been given away. While some remain as cheap to buy as the Happy Meal itself, others have become increasingly valuable to collectors over the years.

Of course, vintage kitschy collectibles that were once served alongside fries are unlikely to be sold to a highbrow antique dealer. And, although there are genuine McCollectors out there, it's a bit of a toss up for who might be interested in buying your old Happy Meal freebies.

However, there is a demand for these nostalgic, plastic pieces of the past, and old McDonald's toys have previously sold for serious money. Last year, someone sold their McDonald's Happy Meal Toys collection on eBay for US$2,400, while somebody else cashed in on theirs for US$1,900.

It's also worth noting that just because sellers list some of these items for thousands of dollars, it doesn't necessarily mean that somebody will buy them. Even at auction, an item is only worth how much the highest bidder will pay.

Although selling your old McMerch is unlikely to push you into a new tax bracket – unless you have a serious collection to offload – getting clued up on the Happy Meal toys that are valuable in 2023 could help you decide whether or not to list your old plastic treasures for sale.

Happy Meal Minions (2020)

McDonald's Happy Meal Minions from 2020.

McDonald's Happy Meal Minions from 2020.

kawaiiaa | eBay

Listing price: CA$4,068.69

If you have a whole bunch of 2020 McDonald's Happy Meal Minions at home, get ready to go bananas.

One seller is currently listing a full set – which includes 48 normal Minions, 48 gold Minions and a display set of seven Minions – for over CA$4,000.

According to the eBay listing, it's very rare to find a collection like this one, hence the hefty price tag.

Others are selling individual Minions from the same collection for anywhere between $3 and $19 each, depending on the rarity, so you could make a little bit of money if you have a bunch of these little yellow guys to sell on.

Gold ones seem to go for a little more (between $5 and $30 each on average), so you're in luck if you have these ones in your collection too.

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Happy Meal TY Teenie Beanies (2000)

McDonald's Happy Meal TY Teenie Beanies from 2000.

McDonald's Happy Meal TY Teenie Beanies from 2000.

terry.king | eBay

Listing price: CA$474.21

Nothing screams the 1990s and early 2000s like TY Beanie Babies – and McDonald's wasn't going to miss out on this hype.

Between 1997 and 2000, the fast food giant offered Teenie Beanies (cute, right?) as freebies with Happy Meals, and these miniature plushies quickly became the most in-demand Happy Meal toys of all time.

They became so popular that fights even broke out at some locations, with police being called to deal with criminal charges and injuries. In one Miami location, a McDonald's employee was charged with theft of the toys.

Over the years, more and more Teenie Beanies collections were released, but collectors say that the Teenie Beanie line from 2000 is the most valuable.

Today, there are sellers asking for anywhere between CA$100 and CA$475 for a full set in mint-condition. Some extra rare Beanies are even listed for over CA$2,739!

While there could be serious money to be made here if you have a rare and full collection in a great condition, your ketchup-stained single Teenie Beanie from 2000 is unlikely to make you rich. Sorry!

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Hot Wheels Happy Meal Toys (1983)

McDonald's Hot Wheels Happy Meal Toys from 1983.

McDonald's Hot Wheels Happy Meal Toys from 1983.

Bluehi1 | eBay

Listing price: CA$663.89

If your parents or grandparents loved hanging out at the Golden Arches in the 1980s, ask them to double-check their basement for these Hot Wheels Happy Meal cars from 1983.

Hard to find in 2023, and especially rare in an unused condition, these tiny cars are listed on auction sites for anywhere between CA$200 and CA$600 depending on their overall shape.

The fast food chain has released a whole bunch of Hot Wheels toys over the years, and some of the newer versions still have some value. However, the older — the better in most cases!

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Happy Meal Furbys (1998)

McDonald's Happy Meal Furbys from 1998.

McDonald's Happy Meal Furbys from 1998.

andysdiscparts | eBay

Listing price: CA$1,356.20

Not one to miss out on a craze, McDonald's jumped on the Furby hype 25 years ago with its very own mini version of the iconic 1990s critter.

While these little guys were thrown in free with a Happy Meal at some point in both 1998 and 2000, they can now fetch a respectable fee on auction sites like eBay.

Again, full sets are particularly valuable to collectors. So, if you have a collection of 1998 McFurbies, you could get up to $1,000 for it – even if they've been played with. Of course, unopened sets would be worth even more.

Some unopened single Furbys from this period are listed for as much as CA$934.88, although it remains to be seen whether or not somebody will actually fork out for this.

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Snoopy Happy Meal Toys (2000)

McDonald's Snoopy Happy Meal Toys from 2000.

McDonald's Snoopy Happy Meal Toys from 2000.

Heman8 | eBay

Listing price: Varies

Considered some of the most valuable Happy Meal toys ever made, the 2000 Snoopy collection was released at the start of the new millennium to celebrate the anthropomorphic beagle's 50 year anniversary.

The plastic figurine collection, which features 30 characters from the much-loved series, is especially valuable when complete, with full sets previously selling for hundreds of dollars.

While there's not a full collection for sale on eBay right now, you can find individual characters (unpackaged) for between CA$20 and CA$50 each – so there's definitely money to be made.

Disney's 101 Dalmatians Happy Meal Collector Set (1996)

McDonald's 101 Dalmatians Happy Meal Collector Set from 1996.

McDonald's 101 Dalmatians Happy Meal Collector Set from 1996.

5total3k2013 | eBay

Listing price: CA$250.66

To coincide with the release of the 1996 Disney movie 101 Dalmatians, McDonald's released a series of plastic dalmatian figurines with their Happy Meals. Unsurprisingly, the set consists of a whopping 101 characters.

Although they were immensely popular at the time, these not-so-rare little dogs are still worth a bit of money in 2023.

Sets stored in the original collector's case (and in good condition) are consistently listed on auction sites for between CA$200 and CA$250 – so you're in luck if you have one of these.

If you don't, don't be discouraged, because single dalmatians from the collection – even unpackaged – can still sell for anywhere between $5 and $25 each, which could add up if you have several of them.

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Happy Meal International Beanie Babies (1999)

McDonald's Happy Meal International Beanie Babies from 1999.

McDonald's Happy Meal International Beanie Babies from 1999.

luvsgarden | eBay

Listing price: CA$678.10

Like their Beanie brothers and sisters, this four-bear set of International Beanie Babies from 1999 is often listed on auction sites for a hefty sum.

Included in the group is Erin the Bear (from Ireland), Glory the Bear (from the United States), Maple the Bear (from Canada) and Britannia the Bear (from the U.K.).

Most valuable as a full, unopened set, this adorable bunch is often priced between CA$100 and CA$600, depending on the seller. So there's definitely a profit to be made if you've got these little guys stashed away somewhere.

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McDonald’s Adult Happy Meal Toys: Cactus Plant Flea Market (2022)

Listing price: CA$250,000

Perhaps surprisingly, one of the most valuable McDonald's Happy Meal toys you can own in 2023 is from as recently as last year.

In 2022, McDonald's launched the Cactus Plant Flea Market Box – otherwise known as the adult Happy Meal – in an effort to cash in on millennial nostalgia. And it worked.

The limited-edition meal, and the toys they came with, sold out at locations across the country. What's more, the meals were only available in the United States – which meant the little freebies quickly became valuable to collectors globally.

The free toys, created in collaboration with streetwear brand Cactus Plant Flea Market, are simply plastic figurines of classic McD’s characters Grimace, the Hamburglar and Birdie. The fourth character was Cactus Plant’s own smiley-faced Cactus Buddy avatar.

Opportunistic resellers were quick to take advantage of the temporary hype, and the figures from the Big Mac combo were listed on resale sites for over CA$400,000 at one point.

Today, you can find a full set for as expensive as CA$250,000 or as cheap as CA$80, depending on the seller. Whether or not somebody is actually prepared to pay the top price for this quartet of plastic icons is unclear, although it seems unlikely. That said, there's still a profit to be made at the bottom end of the scale if you do have these at home.

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