Here's What A $700K House Looks Like In 9 Different Ontario Cities

It's all about location!
Here's What A $700K House Looks Like In 9 Different Ontario Cities
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When it comes to buying a home, you can find some pretty diverse places for the same price depending on what area you're looking in.

These Ontario houses for sale each cost around $700k, but they look completely different.

From tiny bungalows to 6-bedroom homes, these spots are located in cities across the province.

While Toronto houses at this pricepoint tend to be smaller or in need of work, surrounding areas like Hamilton and Niagara have some spacious houses on the market for the same price.

Depending on what your budget is, you might consider moving to one of these places to get your dream home.

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Price: $699,900

Address: 134 Marchington Cir., Toronto, ON

Description: This 3-bedroom bungalow comes with ample possibilities and is ideal for someone wanting to create their dream home.

[image 60007fd02afa9cf15669c8b2]

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Price: $679,000

Address: 1657 Grousewood Ln., Kingston, ON

Description: Located on a 2-acre lot, this spacious 2-bedroom home features a wood fireplace and cozy loft.

[image 600089c5f9b785f5c9123385]

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Price: $699,000

Address: 5226 Dickenson Rd., Hamilton, ON

Description: Located on a peaceful property, this 3-bedroom home includes a 2-car garage and a bright interior.

[image 600082520654dff584514cda]

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Niagara Falls

Price: $659,800

Address: 4446 John St., Niagara Falls, ON

Description: This elegant, 4-bedroom home sits along the Niagara River and includes an additional living space in the basement.

[image 600080dd2afa9cf15669c8bf]

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Price: $729,900

Address: 264 Trail Side Cir., Ottawa, ON

Description: Priced slightly over $700k, this 4-bedroom home has a dream backyard, complete with a pool and patio.

[image 600083700654dff584514ce3]

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Price: $689,900

Address: 21 Kincora Crt., Sudbury, ON

Description: Complete with a sauna and swimming pool, you can live in your own private oasis at this 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom home.

[image 6000849d0654dff584514cf4]

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Thunder Bay

Price: $699,900

Address: 1814 Granite Rd., Thunder Bay, ON

Description: This spacious, 4-bedroom bungalow lets you live a life of luxury with a bar area, sauna, and jacuzzi-style tub.

[image 600086a72eb3cff51811cc77]

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Price: $699,900

Address: 150 Cole Rd., Guelph, ON

Description: This 6-bedroom home is conveniently located near the university, and has rooms rented out for additional income.

[image 600088adacbac8f544ed1f69]

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Price: $699,900

Address: 235 Livingstone St. W., West Bayfield, Barrie, ON

Description: This spacious 3-bedroom home has an ensuite bathroom and walk-in closet off the master bedroom, and is close to amenities.

[image 60009437f9b785f5c9123401]

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