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Don't put away your winter jackets just yet! Ontario's weather forecast is predicting a dramatic drop in temperature and it's going to get nasty.

According to The Weather Network, spring will disappear next week with wintry conditions moving across the province. 

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Northern regions, like Thunder Bay, will be hit with plummeting temperatures that can fall to -6. By Monday, the spot is also expected to be hit by 1-3 centimetres of snow. 

Areas like Sault Ste. Marie and Chapleau are also expected to get hit with some flurries

Other parts of the province will still see below-normal temperatures for the season and a chance of rain. 

It seems that one man was desperate to get a driver's information after a Toronto crash this week. 

On Thursday, one man was actually spotted dangling from the hood of a truck in an attempt to stop a driver who had hit his parked car.  

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This Texas Football Player Attacked The Ref And The Crowd Went Wild (VIDEO)

The team just got removed from the playoffs despite winning the game

The great state of Texas takes two things very seriously, brisket and high school football.

But one high school team in the small town of Edinburg, Texas, seems to take the game perhaps a little too seriously after one player took out his frustrations on the referee.

The senior player, Emmanual Duron, was ejected for a late hit on a player of the opposing team, and he clearly wasn't too happy with the call as he charged at the ref and sent him to the ground with one hit.

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It's only two days into November and already there is an extreme forecast for the east coast. A weather bomb in Canada is expected to hit the Maritimes today and could be bringing some dangerous conditions. That includes wind gusts that could cause structural damage.

While the term "weather bomb" may just sound like an intense way of describing a bad storm, it is actually a legitimate term in meteorology.

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The WTF TikTok Challenge Was Actually Born In Texas

From 5,000 to 8M plays almost overnight.

Another musician is looking to join Post Malone and Demi Lovato as Dallas-born superstars.

McCade Kirk, 19, better known by his stage name Young Spool, recently saw his career skyrocket after his hit song simply titled “WTF” became a trending challenge on TikTok. 

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