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Orlando Will Feel Hotter Than The Mojave Desert Today

Welcome to the Florida desert!

Summers in Florida are the perfect time to go traveling to new spots, but sometimes The Sunshine State will make you feel like you’re in an entirely different place without you ever actually leaving! Today is one such time, especially for Orlando; weather forecasts have East Central Florida's heat index predicted to shoot up into the triple-digits today, making it actually feel hotter than the Mojave Desert out there.

The National Weather Service lists an "excessive heat impact" on its Hazardous Weather Outlook report, covering most of East Central Florida, including Orange County.

The heat index, which is what the temperature actually feels like, is predicted to rise to between 102 and 106 today thanks to excessive heat and humidity.

In comparison, The Weather Channel has forecasted the Mojave Desert to reach 101 degrees today, cooling off to a balmy 73 F in the evening. Who would’ve thought you’d be longing for desert temps in Florida?

The Sunshine State may be without its signature namesake as the week goes on though.

Isolated thunderstorms will be shaking up the Atlantic this afternoon as well, with hefty winds that one can only hope will help cool things off; though today's chances for rain sit at only about 20%.

These scattered thunderstorms are expected to continue through East Central Florida for the rest of the week, bringing with them potentially dangerous cloud-to-ground lightning, torrential downpours, and gusty winds.

To add to the burn, the NOAA calls for a moderate risk of dangerous rip currents along Florida’s east coast beaches, making it difficult to cool off today.

Now might be the time to plan a road trip to the springs and lazy rivers' crystal clear and year-round temperate waters for a refreshing dip.

Not to keen on swimming with Florida wildlife during this heatwave? You can also hit up Orlando’s waterparks that have opened up for the season for an alternate way to beat the heat.

While there are plenty of fun ways to cool off in this wild heat, make sure you stay prepared and stay safe!