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A GoFundMe Raises Over $50K For Ottawa Teen Who Was Stabbed & Her Friends Are So Thankful

Friends say the next months will be "really hard on the family."

Ottawa News Reporter
Anne-Marie and Jasmine Ready in a karate class.

Anne-Marie and Jasmine Ready in a karate class.

Courtesy of Caroline Poirier

A GoFundMe page launched in support of an Ottawa teen who was stabbed in late June has surpassed its goal of $50,000.

This article contains content that may be upsetting to some of our readers.

"The family, friends and those who are affected really appreciate the generosity you showing us. Because we receive so much support, we decided to raise the goal," reads a message from GoFundMe organizers Caroline Poirier and Naomi Eberhard.

By Tuesday morning, the GoFundMe fundraiser had reached nearly $60,000 in just two weeks after starting on July 2. The new goal, increased on July 6, is now $75,000. Thankfully, they're more than halfway there.

The fundraiser was created to support 19-year-old Catherine Ready, who was sent to hospital with serious injuries after being stabbed by a 21-year-old in the middle of Anoka Street.

The bodies of her 50-year-old mother, Anne-Marie Ready, and 15-year-old sister, Jasmine Ready, were also found in the vicinity of the stabbing.

It may be especially difficult for the family in the coming months, said the organizers and family friends. But, they've received an outpouring of supportive messages, and people on social media have called for the fundraiser's goal to increase.

"Can we increase the goal further please? Taking into account all of the medical/therapy/personal home care, living expenses, along with Catherine Ready's continuing education at university, 50K likely won't be enough to cover all of that even for a year," one Reddit user wrote.

It seems this homicide has really touched people, GoFundMe co-organizer Caroline Poirier told Narcity. She said she practiced karate with Anne-Marie and Jasmine Ready three to four times a week and that her stepdaughter was close with Jasmine.

"The reason I decided to start the fundraiser it's only to help Catherine. She lost her mom and sister in a tragic incident and she suffers from injuries too," Poirier added.

The family friend said she didn't want Catherine and her family to have to stress about money after the horrific crime.

"The family has a lot to deal with right now," the GoFundMe co-organizer concluded.

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