Ottawa Police Identified 2 Teen Girls & A Woman As The Victims In The Alta Vista Stabbing

An acquaintance of the recovering victim said she is "a lovely, sweet and intelligent soul."

Tree-lined Anoka Street in Alta Vista, Ottawa.
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Tree-lined Anoka Street in Alta Vista, Ottawa.

The Ottawa Police Service identified a woman and two teens as the victims of a devastating stabbing incident, which left two people dead and another seriously injured on Monday night. A 21-year-old man, who Ottawa police said interacted with officers, was also fatally shot.

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On June 29, the Ottawa Police Service shared the identities of two of the victims who died in the stabbing incident — 50-year-old Anne-Marie Ready and 15-year-old Jasmine Ready. A 19-year-old, whose name was not formally released, was identified as being seriously injured and in hospital as a result of the incident.

Anne-Marie Ready was a Trade Commissioner at Global Affairs Canada, as per her LinkedIn profile. According to Karin Watson, whose daughter knew the oldest teen, she is "a lovely, sweet and intelligent soul, who is a student at Ottawa U."

Jasmine Ready's school, École secondaire catholique Franco-Cité, wished the 19-year-old a speedy recovery and condolences to the family. It added that funeral details are to follow.

Police received a call about a stabbing Monday night

Earlier this week, around 10:30 p.m. on Monday, officials said police received a 911 call about a stabbing, where screams could be heard in the background. Once police made it to the scene, they found two women dead and a man actively stabbing another teen in the middle of Anoka Street in Alta Vista.

"When the man would not drop his knife, three officers discharged their firearms — the man was fatally struck," said Monica Hudon, a spokesperson for the Ontario Special Investigations Unit. "The woman also sustained a gunshot wound, and she was taken to hospital for treatment."

The Ontario Special Investigations Unit, a watchdog that investigates the conduct of officials, is investigating the shooting and stabbings alongside the Ottawa Police Service's homicide unit.

The SIU said it is currently investigating the identity of the deceased suspect, who underwent a post-mortem on Wednesday.

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