The City Of Ottawa Is Adding Tons More Speed Cameras In 2023 & Here's Where They Will Be

Many of them are being installed in school zones. 📸

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Signs warning of speed cameras to be installed. Right: A photo radar camera.

Signs warning of speed cameras to be installed. Right: A photo radar camera.

The City of Ottawa is set to install several new speed cameras in 2023 and has decided to give drivers the heads up on where they will be.

In all, 18 new photo radar camera locations have been announced as part of the city's Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) system, more than doubling the total number of cameras across Ottawa to 40 by the end of the year.

"Speed cameras, much like red-light cameras, exist to reduce the risk of collisions," reads a statement from the city's website. "In Ottawa, these cameras are located in certain community safety zones near schools where speeding is a risk to our most vulnerable road users, our children."

All 18 of these new locations are in school zones, and the fines for anyone caught speeding on camera would vary just like they would for a standard speeding ticket, based on how fast a driver was caught going.

"As the offence occurred in a community safety zone, the fine will be doubled – even if it occurred outside of school hours," the city said.

According to the city, "Coming Soon" signs will be installed at least 90 days before a speed camera becomes active, and the system will only be active when that sign is changed to one that reads, "Municipal Speed Camera In Use."

Speed camera signs.Speed camera signs.City of Ottawa

The new speed cameras will cost the city $1.3 million and the money collected from these cameras gets reinvested in its Safer Roads Ottawa program.

Here are the 18 new locations where photo radar cameras are being installed in Ottawa in 2023:

  • Berrigan Drive from Croxley Way to Claridge Drive
  • Bridgestone Drive from Sunnybrooke Drive to Granite Court
  • Cambrian Road from Greenbank Road to Kilbirnie Drive
  • Cedarview Road from Fallowfield Road to 217m South of Fallowfield Road
  • Chapman Mills Drive from Beatrice Drive to Meadgate Gate
  • Crestway Drive from Oldfield Street to Hathaway Drive
  • First Avenue from Chrysler Street to Percy Street
  • Greenbank Road from Jockvale Road to Half Moon Bay
  • Heron Road from Finn Court to Baycrest Drive
  • Jeanne D'Arc Boulevard North from Paddler Way to Orleans Boulevard
  • Kelly Farm Drive from Shepody Circle to Findlay Creek Drive
  • Portobello Boulevard from Capreol Street to Aquaview Drive
  • Riverside Drive from Mooney's Bay Place to Ridgewood Avenue
  • Spratt Road from Canyon Walk Drive to Shoreline Drive
  • Stittsville Main Street from Bandelier Way to Hazeldean Road
  • Stonehaven Drive from Bridle Park Drive to Tandalee Cres.
  • Woodroffe Avenue from Anthony Avenue to Saville Row
  • Woodroffe Avenue from Georgina Drive to Highway 417
According to CBC Ottawa, six of these cameras were scheduled to be installed in 2022 but have been pushed back to this year, due to labour disruptions and delays. Furthermore, they report five additional locations are pending approval from Hydro Ottawa.
Stats from the city showed a pilot project of photo radar cameras has led to improved safety in school zones, with a 200% increase in speed limit compliance, and a 72% decrease in drivers travelling 15 km/h over the posted speed limit.
Ottawa is set to continue adding speed cameras each year until 2026.
Stuart McGinn
Ontario Editor
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