Here's How To Renew Your Ontario Licence Plate In 5 Minutes To Avoid A Hefty Fine

No more license plate stickers but you still have to do this!

Highway 401 in Toronto, Ontario. Right: OPP Sgt Kerry Schmidt advising Ontario drivers to renew their license plates.

Highway 401 in Toronto, Ontario. Right: OPP Sgt Kerry Schmidt advising Ontario drivers to renew their license plate.

Completing your Ontario license plate renewal is easier than ever before and doing it could save you a few hundred bucks.

Drivers no longer have to worry about their Ontario license plate sticker every year but there is still a process through Service Ontario that needs to be followed — and these few minutes could save you from getting a hefty fine.

The Ontario government now has two different ways for you to renew your license plate, and one can certainly be much faster than the other.

You can opt to go complete your Service Ontario license plate renewal in person, but now, it can also be done online in a matter of minutes.

I found this out first-hand while out shopping and my eyes caught my old license plate sticker while putting something into the trunk of my vehicle. I was able to renew my license plate online in the parking lot on my phone.

Here's how it's done.

Can I renew my license plate in Ontario online?

Yes, and it will take you less than five minutes.

You just need some important information on hand, including your license plate number, vehicle permit number, your odometer reading, and your insurance details.

The process is also completely free and you'll be prompted to receive an email, text message, or phone call reminder to renew your license plate before it expires again.

It starts by heading to the Ontario government website, here.

If you have the correct information on hand, filling out the forms will take just a few minutes. And that's it!

After you renew, you will no longer receive a sticker, won't have to pay any license plate renewal fees, and law enforcement will be "instantly aware" that your license plate has been renewed, according to the Ontario government's website.

Renewing your Ontario license plate online or in person will also save you a hefty fine.

If you're caught driving with expired plates, you could have to pay anywhere between $85 and $1,000, the latter of which would also require attendance in court.

According to OPP Sgt Kerry Schmidt, these fines are being handed out more and more.

"We are finding right now that many vehicles driving around, they still have their stickers, but they are not being annually registered," said Schmidt in a video recently posted to Twitter, where he reiterated that doing this is completely free. "All you need to do is either go online, or in person, and register your vehicle."

Schmidt said they're seeing drivers being charged for not having their plates registered on a "very regular basis."

Don't let it happen to you!

Stuart McGinn
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