Ontario's G Road Test Backlog Has Been Cleared & The Modified Test Is Still Being Offered

The modified test looks to be sticking around long term.

A Drivetest centre in Etobicoke, Ontario.

A Drivetest centre in Etobicoke, Ontario.

There is some good news for any drivers looking to book their G road test in Ontario — you shouldn't have to wait nearly as long for your appointment at a DriveTest centre.

After a massive backlog of road tests during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, things have since cleared up but there are still some changes that are sticking around.

Is there still a backlog for driving tests in Ontario?

According to the Ontario government, no. The backlog has cleared.

"The ministry has successfully returned service levels and road test availability to pre-COVID-19 levels," said Dakota Brasier, the Press Secretary for Ontario's Transportation Minister Caroline Mulroney, in an email to Narcity.

That backlog left drivers scrambling to get a test and booking appointments months in advance, or much further away from home where there was less demand.

Part of the solution that was brought in to help was a new modified G road test. It made the test shorter and got rid of certain elements like three-point turns, parallel parking, and roadside stops which are already required as part of the G2 test.

It seems that the modified test isn't going away anytime soon.

"The test being offered currently is the modified G test," said Brasier.

Back in June, the date the modified test was set to expire was pushed bac for a second time, but the government said the latest extension was set to last "until further notice."

The modifications do make the test shorter, but the government has maintained it will "continue to enforce the fundamentals of the G test" with drivers still being evaluated on their ability to navigate major roads and highways, intersections and turns.

You can book your G road test in Ontario here.

Stuart McGinn
Stuart McGinn is an Editor for Narcity Media and focuses mainly on covering major provincial and local news stories across the province. Stuart is from Ottawa and is now based in Toronto.