If you've ever wondered what's playing through the prime minister's headphones, we've got the answers. Justin Trudeau recently revealed what's on his personal playlist right now and it sounds like Drake is getting skipped!

Speaking on The Brandon Gonez Show last week, the PM opened up about the music he's been listening to during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Reuben and the Dark, always," Trudeau said, explaining that he'd been on "heavy rotation on a lot of nostalgia and '80s stuff," recently.

Trudeau also gave Leonard Cohen a shoutout, revealing that the Canadian singer and poet is a "go-to whenever I need to be soulful a bit... and that happens a fair bit."

While Trudeau admitted that Drake wasn't on his "personal playlist" right now, he said he still hears plenty of the rapper's music as his kids are huge fans.