Hundreds Of People Partied In The Streets Of Kingston Over The Weekend (VIDEO)

People were seen shooting off fireworks and chilling on rooftops.

Kingston Just Had A Huge Street Party & Hundreds Showed Up
Toronto Associate Editor

Hundreds took to the streets of Kingston on Saturday night for a party that was roughly 12 times the size of outdoor gatherings legally allowed in Ontario right now.

Kingston Police Constable Ash Gutheinz told Narcity that officers were called to Aberdeen Street at around 2:40 a.m. on Sunday, July 5 to break up a large party consisting "predominantly of post-secondary student age, in apparent contravention of public health COVID-19 rules."

"Uniform patrol, whose priority was public safety, responded and was able to disperse the crowd in the early morning hours of July 4," said Gutheinz.

A clip posted by videographer Dominic Christian Ownes shows the crowd jumping and singing in unison, shooting fireworks, and even standing on the roof of a home.

Police said that an investigation into the matter remains ongoing. Footage of the event is being reviewed by authorities "to determine if organizers and participants can be identified and potentially charged under existing COVID-19 legislation and applicable criminal offences."

Alex Arsenych
Toronto Associate Editor