Now that’s a 2020 upgrade! Some of Canada’s poppy donation boxes have been revamped ahead of this year’s Remembrance Day.

Amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Royal Canadian Legion has revealed a brand new poppy donation box that accepts donations via contactless payments.

The tap-enabled boxes will accept money from contactless credit and debits cards, as well as mobile apps and Apple Pay.

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This means Canadians will be able to take a poppy and make the optional donation of $2 without having to come within two metres of a volunteer.

That’s not all that has changed, either.

The boxes also have a new design, “taking the shape of the headstones of our fallen” explains the Royal Canadian Legion.

Traditional donation trays will still be available across the country, as well as the 250 new tap-to-tribute boxes that will be distributed nationally.

The updated design will be up-and-running from October 30 in HSBC Bank Canada branches, select Royal Canadian Legion branches and some other locations.