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Now that you have an Always Pan, the highly-coveted piece of cookware that's exploding on Instagram, why not get matching dinner plates to complete the set?

In addition to pans, Our Place sells beautifully hand-painted plates, too.

You can get a set of four plates for $65 in Spice (burnt orange), Steam (light gray) or Char (dark gray).

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Not only are they dishwasher and microwave safe, they're also safe to use in the oven, too. That means you won't have to clean extra dishes if you're reheating leftovers.

Do you make soup or cereal often? You can get a set of four side bowls for $60 in the same three colours: spice, char or steam. They stack on top of each other so you can neatly tuck them away in your cabinet.

If you don't already have an Always Pan, or if you want to order one as a gift for someone, Our Place has an awesome discount right now. Instead of paying $195, you can get a pan for just $165 with the promo code GOODTASTE30.

Our Place Main Plates

Price: $65

Details: These are four beautifully hand-painted dinner plates from the same company who makes the Always Pan. The plates are made out of porcelain which means it's dishwasher, microwave and oven safe. You can choose between three different colours: spice (burnt orange), steam (light gray) or char (dark gray).

$65 on OUR PLACE