My BF Wore SAXX Underwear For An Entire Week & Here's What He Thinks

Find out if it's worth the $$$

My BF Wore SAXX Underwear For An Entire Week & Here's What He Thinks
Senior Editor, Studio
Natalia Buia | Narcity

If there's one thing I've learned this past year it's that function is way more important than fashion. Ever since COVID hit I've traded my heels for sneakers, jeans for joggers and polyester blouses for cotton t-shirts. And I couldn't be happier.

My significant other, Craig, also made some major changes to his wardrobe but never thought twice about undergarments. Then we heard about SAXX, a Canadian company that makes underwear and other clothing designed to prevent chafing and friction.

Natalia Buia

All underwear and shorts come with a BallPark Pouch™ so your private parts stay in place all day. No more awkward readjusting when you think no one's looking.

Craig spent the whole week wearing a different pair of underwear a day, starting with the Hot Shot boxer briefs ($40). "I was surprised at how soft and breathable they were. I went on a long hike in Halton Hills and I felt comfortable and cool all day," he says.

SAXX | Hot Shot boxer briefs

When it comes to design, the Beta Wave swim trunks ($90) were his favourite because they "fit like a glove", followed by the Volt boxer briefs ($35) in the shark print. Did he hum the Jaws theme song around the house while wearing them? That's unconfirmed.

"I wore other brands in the past but found them too restricting where it matters, you know, down there. But SAXX as a whole completely addressed that. Hands down the most comfortable underwear I've ever worn," he says.

Craig's overall rating:

SAXX | Quest Underwear

Justyn, who works here at Narcity, also wore SAXX all week. Like most guys, he found his favourite boxers brand as a teenager and stuck with it, adding how challenging it can be to shop for comfortable, well-fitting underwear online without trying them on first.

"My personal faves were the Quest ($35) and Volt ($35) boxer briefs, both of which were slim fit and made of micro-mesh material that kept things snug but breathable all at once," he says.

Like Craig, Justyn was also impressed with the selection of colours and patterns.

But his overall favourite item? The Kinetic Sport Training Shorts ($79).

SAXX | Kinetic Sport Training Shorts

"The shorts are perfect for going for a jog or getting in a workout. They were lightweight, comfortable and breathable with the added utility of having pockets to hold onto my phone (to pump up music) and keys," he says.

"Overall I'd say SAXX products are well made, true to size and aren't afraid to stand out against their competition," he says, adding that the high price point compared to other brands was a factor in his overall rating.

Justyn's overall rating:

SAXX Underwear

Price: Varies

Details: A collection of super soft and super comfortable underwear, swim trunks and other bottoms that come equipped with a game-changing BallPark Pouch™. No matter what activity you're doing - swimming, golfing, hiking, you name it - you're going to feel supported 24/7.

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Natalia Buia
Senior Editor, Studio