Pamela Anderson Got Real About Her First 'Playboy' Photos & Said She Threw Up Mid-Shoot

"I apologized relentlessly, a silly Canadian habit. Sorry, sorry, sorry."

Pamela Anderson.

Pamela Anderson.

Pamela Anderson and Playboy have a long history together, but it seems her first shoot with the magazine wasn't exactly what she expected.

In her new memoir, Love, Pamela, Anderson recounted how she was flown first class from B.C. to L.A. at the age of 22 to do a test shoot for the magazine and what it was all like.

This article contains content that may be upsetting to some of our readers.

"This all seemed like a mad plan," she said about arriving at the Playboy studio. "I'd fallen down a hole — a porthole to another universe. I was Alice in Wonderland."

As for the shoot itself, while the hair and makeup portion of the day went well, when it came time to take pictures things, didn't go quite to plan.

"The wardrobe wasn't much — an Oxford blazer, a tie, and a hat," Anderson wrote. "I was talked out of wearing my underwear, which I was hanging on to for dear life, but they promised nothing would show, because I had the hat to cover myself. I was nervous, to say the least."

As the photographer lined up the first picture, Anderson recounted that she knew she was in a "crucial moment" and needed to be brave to overcome what society had deemed to be "good girl's behaviour."

"Then I moved slightly, smiles, no smiles, hat to the side, jacket open," Anderson said as Tracey, the person doing her hair and glam came back in to touch up her makeup.

"Tracey touched my boob to enhance my bony cleavage," she recalled. "They asked me to soften my stomach, saying my ribs were too sharp. I started to feel nauseous, faint, I had to stop. I ran to the bathroom and got sick. My makeup was ruined. I couldn't believe a woman had touched me there, I just couldn't."

Despite the setback, it turned out the photographer got the shot they needed.

"I apologized relentlessly, a silly Canadian habit. Sorry, sorry, sorry," she said.

Anderson and the crew took a look at the pictures but she admitted she wasn't able to reconcile the images in her head.

"They put the Playboy cover transparency over the photos to show me what the cover would look like. So crazy. It was hard to believe it was me — yet I was still disappointed, somehow," she said of the moment.

That being said, the shoot was celebrated with a fancy dinner and Cristal champagne and marked the beginning of Anderson's career with Playboy and all of the doors it opened up for her.

Anderson's book, Love, Pamela is available now in stores.

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Sarah Rohoman
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