Parents Took Their Boy To Hooters For His 5th Birthday & TikTok Opinions Are Split

"Who brings a child to Hooters?"

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A boy celebrating his 5th birthday at Hooters. Right: Hooters restaurant.

A boy celebrating his 5th birthday at Hooters. Right: Hooters restaurant.

A birthday marks a special time for a family to get together to celebrate the milestone, but some people are questioning one family's choice of location for a child's birthday.

A TikTok video shows a boy celebrating his 5th birthday at Hooters, a restaurant known for its revealing uniforms, and people are pretty divided when it comes to their comments.

TikToker Darby Allison posted the video which shows her son Zander smiling as he gets up on his chair at Hooters, where the staff can be seen singing happy birthday to him.

"Stand up on your chair big dawg," a man can be heard saying behind the camera.

The birthday boy is also told to put two paper cups in his mouth to represent a beak, and given two paper plates to wave as wings.


Shouldn’t have told them it was your birthday buddy 😂 #embarrased #hooters #fyp #happybirthday #MadeWithKeurigContest

With nearly 7 million views, some people expressed shock and concern over why parents would choose to celebrate their child's birthday at Hooters.

"Who brings a child to Hooters?" one person wrote.

"Why did they go here though?" one comment reads, while another person said it would "curse me for life."

"Why take a 5 year old to Hooters?? I'm not american but wtf," yet another viewer said.

Another person seemingly questioned why the kid had to stand up and flap his hands while staff sang happy birthday to him.

"Why they gotta humiliate the poor kid like that 😂," they wrote.

Others see no issue with the birthday celebration being at Hooters and are focusing on the child's happiness.

"That smile on his face is priceless!" one person said.

"This is so adorable. A memory he will never forget," another follower echoed.

By the looks of the birthday boy's expression he didn't seem to mind it all!

Asymina Kantorowicz
Associate Editor, Global
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