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Patriots' Mac Jones' Girlfriend Sophie Scott Is Viral On Instagram & He's All Over It

They've been together since college. ️🏈

Sophie Scott with a University of Alabama hat on. Right: Sophie Scott and Mac Jones on a football field.

Sophie Scott with an Alabama University hat on. Right: Sophie Scott and Mac Jones on a football field.

Florida Associate Editor

Of course, the New England Patriots Quarterback Mac Jones has gained popularity playing on the field, but his girlfriend Sophie Scott has garnered way more attention on Instagram and has nearly one million followers, just scratching the surface with 99.5K.

Scott is an Instagram influencer and she has her man all over her timeline. She's been his biggest supporter since they first met in college, both attending the University of Alabama.

The content creator was a part of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority and would attend Jones games, as they were pictured together in the Fall of 2019.

From the day he got drafted to the NFL team in 2021 to his most recent games, Scott has documented the Quarterback's journey and has been the most supportive partner.

She's always rocking his team's colors and his jersey number every time the team plays, even if she's watching at home.

Jones' girlfriend is not afraid to share her personal life with the athlete off the field either.

When she's not watching the Patriots or supporting her alma mater's college games, she's publishing the glamorous vacations that the couple went on in the off-season and posing with her friends at different events.

The dynamic duo also raise a dog together, Rose the Maltipoo. Scott even started an Instagram page for the pup, which she might have gotten the skills from on her personal account.

Aside from flaunting her relationship that's giving major "couple goals," she has a following for a reason.

The creator is a part of brand partner deals and according to her business email (, the social media powerhouse works closely with a marketing agency focused on the sports world.

She also makes a lump sum of her cash from her Like To Know It account where she publishes her clothing and product links which generates a commission.

Although she might be busy with her online job, you know every Sunday is dedicated to watching her man play the all-American sport.

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