People Are Sharing What You Should Never Buy At Costco & These Are The Products To Avoid

The people have spoken. 👀

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​Costco location in Canada. Right: Shopping cart full of products from Costco.

Costco location in Canada. Right: Shopping cart full of products from Costco.

People are giving their opinions on the Costco products that you should never buy and some items are clearly not popular.

To figure out what not to buy at the wholesale retailer, Narcity asked Costco Canada shoppers to share the items that are no-gos whenever they shop there.

So, if you're looking for recommendations about products you shouldn't buy, here's what people have said that you should avoid.

The most popular responses for what isn't worth it to buy at Costco are vegetables and other fresh produce.

Someone also specified that cans of mushrooms are not something you should buy when you shop at the wholesale retailer.

The other products that people said are no-gos include mattresses, fish and disposable plates.

One person got a little cheeky and shared that the one thing they'll never buy at the wholesaler is a Costco membership!

If you're not familiar with the costs of being a member, an Executive Membership has a $120 annual fee and a Gold Star Membership has a $60 annual fee.

Not only did Narcity ask Canadian shoppers what they never buy at Costco, but we also asked people to share their opinions on what their must-haves are every time they shop.

Some of the most popular products are croissants, toilet paper, paper towels, rotisserie chicken, chocolate chip cookies and so much more!

Also, back in 2021, people revealed the unique Costco items that are essentials for them which included books, fresh flowers and tech if you're looking for recommendations about hidden gems.

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