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After 101 Days Of No Rain Phoenix Is Finally Expecting Thunderstorms & Showers

July 20 marked the 100th day without measurable rainfall. 😱

Is today the day? Phoenix weather could officially swing into monsoon season today, July 23, as the National Weather Service predicts that thunderstorms and showers are on the horizon. It might finally be happening! 

NWS Phoenix forecasted, "Showers and t-storms expected through Saturday."

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It's been a slow start to monsoon season in Arizona, and as of July 21, the Valley has had 101 consecutive days without measurable rain!

Talk about a severe dry spell.

Thankfully, NWS meteorologists say Arizonans in the city will experience muggy mornings this week as there's "an uptrend in storm activity over the region."

With isolated and scattered storms on today's forecast, you can also expect wind gusts to reach between 5 and 15 mph.

If you're living in Tucson, weather conditions will be very different, though. 

The weather down south consists of strong thunderstorms and Flash Flood Warnings for northeastern Pima County. So far, between one to two inches of rain have fallen, according to gauge reports

You don't want to cancel your weekend plans just yet in the city.

Friday will see a 30% chance of showers with a high of 101 F while Saturday will be mostly sunny with only a 20% chance of rain. 

After that, the weather is looking pretty clear Sunday, July 26 through Wednesday, July 29. 

There's still hope yet, though, for downpours tonight.

NWS reports that there is a 40% chance of storms meaning you might get to see some rain. 

If so, it would be very welcomed. It did "rain" a bit on Monday, but it was so dry that the water evaporated before it could touch down. 

On that note, cheers to hoping that the Valley will see some downpours soon and stay safe out there!

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