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This Cute Old Western Town Will Show You The Wild Side Of Arizona

Cowboys, gunfights, and old gravesites.
Tombstone Arizona Is The Most Adorable Wild West Town

The Wild West is still very much alive, complete with cowboys and old saloons. Tombstone, Arizona, is one of a few Western towns that has remained untouched throughout the years. You can take a trip back in time and check out this historic area; there are even cowboy fight reenactments! 

Tombstone, Arizona, was initially founded in 1877 and is called "The Town Too Tough To Die."

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This authentic Western city still offers tours by stagecoach and does gunfight reenactments in the square.

This area is supposedly haunted by the many outlaws that were buried there, too. You can visit some of their graves at Boothill Graveyard, where their tombstones lie. 

You can take tours of the ghoulish establishments where your guide will explain the history of each spot.

Some of these buildings have transformed a ton throughout the years, but most haven't. 

The Birdcage Theater is a famous saloon in the area where it's rumored there are 140 bullet holes in the walls and ceilings from duels of ages past.

This establishment was once supposedly referred to as "the wildest, wickedest night spot between Basin Street and the Barbary Coast." 

The old buildings, dirt roads, and horses give this place a feeling of timelessness.

It's like stepping back into the Wild West and seeing it as it used to be. 

Grab your cowboy hat and put on your boots; this tough little spot is the trip of a lifetime.

It's the perfect place to channel your inner Doc Holliday. 

Saddle up for the adventure of a lifetime in the Wild West, and don't forget to pack your camera. 

Tombstone, AZ

Price: Free

Address: Tombstone, AZ

Why You Need To Go: You can experience the wild side of Arizona at this adorable Western town.


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