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I Stepped Up My Pasta Game Thanks To This KitchenAid Food Processor & Here's What I Think

Sure, you can make pesto in a presto, but is it worth the price tag?

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I Stepped Up My Pasta Game Thanks To This KitchenAid Food Processor & Here's What I Think
Natalia Buia | Narcity

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When you're feeling unmotivated in the kitchen, sometimes all it takes is a shiny new appliance to get you out of a funk.

When I finally got the KitchenAid 13 Cup Food Processor With Dicing Kit, I knew I was going to use it to elevate my otherwise average pasta dishes. I wanted to make the most amazing pesto with all the basil I've been growing this summer.

Granted, I could easily make pesto, hummus and sauces with a blender but I admit the brand name recognition is what really drew me in. Since other household appliances like my fridge and stand mixer were KitchenAid, I wanted to keep it in the family.

Natalia Buia

What I Liked The Most About The Product

I find myself too lazy to cook these days but this food processor makes meal prep super easy. It can chop, shred, dice, knead, mix and puree everything from fresh veggies to cheeses, doughs, sauces and so much more.

At first, I was alarmed by the price tag (it's $329.99!) but since it's considered an all-in-one machine, you don't have to go out and buy a separate blender, mixer, veggie chopper and the like. Major snaps for versatility!

What I Didn't Like About The Product

Not everyone has a Nancy Meyers-esque kitchen complete with a huge marble island, a farmhouse sink and a large bowl of lemons always on display. My counter space is very limited so I have to be selective about what I buy.

Natalia Buia

I was hesitant about welcoming this new product into my home. It's huge! That, plus the fact that I only have one other adult in the house means a small version could have sufficed. For instance, the KitchenAid 7 Cup Food Processor rings in at just $169.99 and isn't as bulky.

Would I Recommend This Product?

There are other food processors on the market that cost a lot less but if you're a genuine fan of the KitchenAid brand, I say it's a great investment.

It's worth it if cooking is an absolute passion of yours, but if you don't cook often, you may end up spending a lot of money on something that'll just collect dust in your cabinet.

My overall rating:

KitchenAid 13 Cup Food Processor With Dicing Kit


Price: $329.99

Details: The 13-cup food processor from KitchenAid (available in white, black, red or silver) is a must-have appliance for anyone who loves to make their own large quantities of hummus, pasta sauce, nut butters and restaurant-style salsa. It comes with a storage caddy that holds all the accessories neatly in place.


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