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16 Genius Kitchen Gadgets You Can Get On Amazon Canada That Will Save You Time And Energy

Smart pickle jars, lazy spatulas, fridge bins and more!

Smart Kitchen Tools From Amazon Canada For Cooking, Baking, Cleaning And Storage

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Whether you're trying to spend less money on takeout or looking to experiment more in the kitchen, cooking can take a lot of time and effort. Luckily, there are tons of cookware brands that make gadgets for any kitchen problem you can think of.

These 16 genius tools are made to help you save time and elbow grease while you work your magic in the kitchen. Seriously, you'll wonder why you didn't buy these products sooner!

4-Piece Silicone Baking Mats With Measurement

Amazon Canada

Price: $22.95

Details: This set of four silicone mats comes with perfectly spaced guides for all your baking needs. They're also non-stick and heat resistant, which means you don't have to lay down a sheet of wax paper (or scrub down your pan) every time you bake.


Pickle Jar With Strainer

Amazon Canada

Price: $10.22

Details: When you're in the mood for a salty and tangy snack, a pickle can hit the spot. This container has a built-in strainer that you can pull out so you don't have to get your fingers wet or dirty a fork.


Chilly Mama Fridge Deodoriser

Amazon Canada

Price: $12.99

Details: This cute little kitchen companion keeps your fridge fresh with its baking soda reservoir that'll absorb funky odours. You can also use it to steam clean your microwave by mixing some water with the baking soda and heating it up for a few minutes.


Rub-A-Way Bar

Amazon Canada

Price: $11.99

Details: Some of the tastiest foods can also be the stinkiest and this stainless steel bar magically removes any odours lingering on your fingers (like fish and jalapeños!). All you have to do is rub it between your hands like you would a normal bar of soap.


Rachael Ray 2-Piece Tools & Gadgets Lazy Tools Set

Amazon Canada

Price: $27.26

Details: Sick and tired of saucy splatters all over your stovetop? These Rachael Ray utensils have a little slot so you can rest them right on your pot or pan when you need a free hand. Voila, no more mess!


Stove Counter Gap Cover

Amazon Canada

Price: $15.98 ($18.98)

Details: Keep the spaces between your oven and counters clean by covering them with these game-changing gap covers. They'll save you from a big cleaning job when you finally do get around to pulling the oven out. You can easily cut each cover to match your specific dimensions.


Egg Rite Egg Timer

Amazon Canada

Price: $14.99

Details: Timing your boiled eggs can be such a guessing game but this little device is here to help. You can drop it in with your eggs and the markers will start to shrink to let you know when to take them off depending on how you like your eggs done.


Multi Purpose Pot Holders and Trivets

Amazon Canada

Price: $20.98

Details: Protect your fingers and tabletops from burning with these silicone trivets. They're so versatile, you can use them as a jar opener gripper pad, drying mats, food coasters or oven mitts.


Mister Tea Infuser

Amazon Canada

Price: $8.92 ($10.33)

Details: Digging out your tea bag when it has fallen in your mug is never fun. This chill little guy will hang (literally and figuratively) on your cup while your leaves steep.


Bicycle Pizza Cutter Wheel

Amazon Canada

Price: $13.99

Details: This novelty pizza cutter will not only look cute on your counter, but the double blades will help ensure your 'za is properly separated. It also makes a great last-minute housewarming gift.


Multipurpose Herb Scissors

Amazon Canada

Price: $14.88

Details: Chopping herbs can be a serious wrist workout but these scissors can make the tedious task a whole lot easier. They come with a cleaning pick and case for neat storage.


5-Quart Pasta Pot with Strainer Lid

Amazon Canada

Price: $45

Details: This Bialetti pot was designed with pasta lovers in mind from its built-in locking strainer lid to the heat-resistant handles. That's not to say it can't be used for other things like soup, stews and sauces!


Clean Dirty Magnet For Dishwasher

Amazon Canada

Price: $12

Details: If you live with roommates or family then this dishwasher status magnet can keep you updated on whether the loaded dishes are clean or not. It also comes in a sticker version in case your appliance isn't magnetic.


Stackable Refrigerator Fridge Organizers

Amazon Canada

Price: $41.98

Details: Organize the mess in your fridge with this set of six bins that come in different shapes and sizes. Reviewers say these have helped them see everything more clearly and reduced their food waste.


Herb Keeper

Amazon Canada

Price: $15.59

Details: Herbs aren't cheap and it's always disappointing when they wilt before you've had a chance to use them. This container keeps them upright and helps with airflow so they stay fresher longer. It's also available for produce like lettuce and broccoli.


High-Temp Hamburger Meat Chopper

Amazon Canada

Price: $11.69 ($16.71)

Details: You can save your pans from scratches with this meat chopper that'll break up any chunks while you cook. It's also great for mashing potatoes and chopping soft veggies.


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