Pusha T Is Beefing With McDonald's Over The 'I'm Lovin' It' Jingle & Now He's With Arby's

He dropped a whole diss track about it. 🤡🐟

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Pusha T. Right: Ronald McDonald on stage.

Pusha T. Right: Ronald McDonald on stage.

When you think of McDonald's, you likely think of the golden arches and that classic jingle: "Ba da ba ba ba, I'm lovin' it."

Pusha T, the rapper who actually wrote that jingle, is officially not lovin' the way McDonald's has treated him, so now he's changing sides.

And no, he's not joining Harvey's, Wendy's, Burger King or Five Guys. He's writing music for Arby's, and he just dropped a new diss track about the Filet-O-Fish that you really won't believe until you've heard it.

"I'm the reason the whole world loved it," he sings in the song, referring to McD's. "Now I gotta crush it."

Some of the language he uses is quite colourful, to say the least.

Spicy Fish Diss TrackArby's | YouTube

In the "Spicy Fish Diss Track," Pusha T mocks McDonald's signature fish sandwich while promoting Arby's version.

"Filet-O-Fish is s--t and you should be disgusted," he raps in the song. "How dare you sell a square fish, asking us to trust. A half slice of cheese, Mickey D's on a budget?"

Meanwhile, he's promoting Arby's triangle-shaped fish.

Do either of these companies realize that fish are fish-shaped?

He added on Twitter that Arby's paid him for the track, but he would say it anyway.

According to Rolling Stone, Pusha T and his brother wrote the McDonald's jingle 20 years ago for a one-time payment; however, they never negotiated for royalties.

"It was like half a million or a million dollars for me and my brother — but that’s peanuts for as long as [the 'I'm Lovin' It' jingle] been running. I had to get that energy off me, and this [Arby's ad] was the perfect way to get that energy like, ‘You know what? I’m over it,'" he said to Rolling Stone.

Lesson learned, always push for a royalty deal. That's like Shark Tank 101.

McDonald's hasn't responded to the song yet, but we imagine they're not lovin' it.

Nobody comes after Ronald and gets away with it.

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