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41% Of Canadians Think The Country Has A Problem With 'Exaggerating Racism'

Two provinces believe this more than the rest.

A new poll from the Angus Reid Institute has revealed how Canadians feel about the level of racism in Canada.

While the data shows that one-in-three Canadians believe "Canada is a racist country," some people seem to think that the exaggeration of racism is a problem.

Angus Reid

When asked if not seeing racial discrimination where it does really exist or seeing racial discrimination where it really does not exist is the bigger problem, 41% of the population claimed that "exaggerating racism" is actually the bigger problem in Canada.

The majority of surveyed respondents in B.C., Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada all believed that not seeing racism was the main issue.

Meanwhile, 54% of people in Alberta and 57% of people in Saskatchewan said that the real trouble was seeing racism when it doesn't exist.