A Provincial NDP Candidate Gave Birth Hours Before Election Day & The Photo Is So Sweet

Her slogan was "Ready to Deliver."
Saskatchewan Election Candidate Had A Baby The Day Before People Went To The Polls
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Well, this is unique! On the eve of the Saskatchewan election, one of the candidates gave birth to a child and really delivered on her campaign slogan.

Aleana Young, who was running for the Saskatchewan NDP in the provincial election, announced on social media with an adorable photo that she had a baby the day before people went to the polls.

In the photo, Young's newborn child has their tiny hand on her campaign button that has a fitting slogan on it: "Ready to Deliver."

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Young was running in the riding of Regina University for the province's October 26 general election.

According to Elections Saskatchewan, she got 2,395 votes which ended up being about 45% of the vote for that riding.

Tina Beaudry-Mellor, the candidate for the Saskatchewan Party, edged out Young with 2,573 votes.

It was a close race!

Beaudry-Mellor even congratulated Young on the birth of her child just before election day and said, "I hope both you and she are doing well."

Premier Scott Moe led the Saskatchewan Party to its fourth majority government with this general election.

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