Parts Of Saskatchewan Have 'Toonie Sized Hail' Right Now & There's A Tornado Warning

Avoid windows and outside walls when indoors.
Tornado Warning In Saskatchewan: There's 'Toonie Sized Hail' & Massive Storms Right Now

Locals in the province should hold tight to their hats because there's a tornado warning in Saskatchewan.

In a weather alert from Environment Canada on 5:26 p.m., Tuesday, August 4, the regions of Estevan and Hitchcock in southern Saskatchewan were put under a tornado warning.

This is a dangerous and potentially life-threatening situation.

Environment Canada

A possible tornado was spotted 10 kilometres southwest of Estevan, heading southeast at 20 kilometres an hour.

At the same time, "toonie sized hail" was also reported in Estevan.

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Locals in the area are warned to head indoors to a strong shelter, to a room in the lowest floor if possible.