A Street Race In Brampton Ended In A Car Smashing Through A Home On Monday (VIDEO)

The city has a real problem.
A Brampton Street Race Ended In A Car Smashing Through A Home This Week (VIDEO)

One GTA city seems to have a real problem with street racing. A Brampton street race left a large hole in the front of a home in a crash that occurred on August 3. This is one of many extreme car accidents that Peel Police have had to respond to in the recent weeks.

This latest crash began when two vehicles decided to take part in a street race, Peel Police told Narcity on Tuesday.

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At approximately 4 p.m. on Monday, one of the cars smashed into a residence on Little Britain Crescent.

The driver remained on the scene and cooperated with Peel Police. The second driver fled but was later located. Both were 21-year-old local males.

According to a Peel Police statement sent to Narcity by email on August 4, both drivers have been charged with Racing A Motor Vehicle.

The man who left the scene has also been hit with a charge of Failure To Stop After An Accident.

Both drivers received a seven-day impound of their vehicles as well as a seven-day license suspension.

In a video posted to Reddit by a resident of Little Britain Crescent, a black car can be seen being towed out of the garage of a residential home.

The house appears to have suffered some pretty bad damage to its structure.

The ambulance was called, but it appeared that no one needed transportation to the hospital as there were no major injuries.

This video is dramatic, but it's just one of a string of serious car accidents that have happened in Brampton recently.

Just a few months ago, a drunk driver in the city destroyed an occupied bus shelter, leaving one woman injured.

Meanwhile, Brampton was left looking like a disaster movie, with large fires and black smoke, after another driver was responsible for a serious crash, which left one man dead and another injured.

Recently, the most notable incident was particularly tragic, as three young children and their mother lost their lives in an accident that involved four cars in total and was attributed to dangerous driving.

Between the house parties that don't follow social distancing and the dangerous driving, it seems Brampton has some work to do.