The Canadian Singer On 'America's Got Talent' Just Blew Everyone Away Again (VIDEO)

What an incredible voice! 😮
The Canadian Singer On 'America's Got Talent' Just Blew Everyone Away Again (VIDEO)

Most people can only hope to have as much talent as someone like Roberta Battaglia. The 10-year-old Canadian stunned the judges for a second time on America's Got Talent. She even got one of them throwing all their support behind her.

In Tuesday night's broadcast of the competition show, Battaglia performed a stunning version of "You Say" by Lauren Daigle. 

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At the end of the song, Battaglia received enthusiastic applause from the virtual Zoom audience, as well as the judges.

Sofia Vergera, who has been a huge fan of the Canadian singer ever since she gave her the coveted golden buzzer after her first appearance, even vocally threw all of her support behind her.

"I want her to win!" Vergera said immediately after Battaglia's latest performance, "You have a special place in my heart."

The actress added that she thinks the "world is going to open up" for the young singer.

A fellow Canadian was also serving on the judge's panel: Howie Mandel. He also praised Battaglia's singing.

"You blow me away," he said, adding that he thinks the Toronto native could win the entire season, which comes with a $1 million prize.

Simon Cowell couldn't attend the performance due to an injury, but Kelly Clarkson (herself the winner of a singing competition show) was there to fill in, and she was not shy about heaping her own accolades on Battaglia.

"You’re incredible. I cannot believe your age," Clarkson said, "Like, even if you are 27 and sound like that, your tone is so beautiful and it’s effortless."

Clarkson also addressed the United States directly, saying "America, vote for her."

Battaglia has been singing in front of people since she was a toddler, accompanying her engineer father to local events and belting out "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" using any stray microphone she could find.

She's also said that she wants to sing a duet with Pink, and that Etta James and Aretha Franklin are performers she admires.