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This Is Not A Drill: Ryan Reynolds Just Got TikTok & He Says You'll Be 'Disappointed'

Buckle up, y'all!

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Ryan Reynolds Is On TikTok Now & He's Ready To Disappoint You

It finally happened: Ryan Reynolds is on TikTok now. He's already posting videos and making jokes at his own expense.

He shared his first videos on June 30 and in the first one, he's lipsynching along to "I Swear" by All-4-One. He captioned it with, "I swear you will be disappointed by this account."


I swear you will be disappointed by this account.

The second video that Reynolds posted is a photo of him with the Deadpool face and then a sports jersey with the TikTok logo on it comes up from the bottom to look make it look like he's wearing it.

We can assume that this weird masterpiece came about because Wrexham AFC, the English soccer club that Reynolds owns with actor Rob McElhenney, is being sponsored by TikTok.

Back in 2020, a video of Reynolds' teenage doppelgänger went viral on TikTok, so in a way, he was already on TikTok before he was actually on TikTok.

    Lisa Belmonte
    Trending Senior Staff Writer
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