Ryan Reynolds Made An Erectile Dysfunction Ad & Says It's 'Like The Flu But In Your Pants'

Nothing to be embarrassed about!

Ryan Reynolds on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Ryan Reynolds on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Actor Ryan Reynolds recently chatted with guest-host Rob McElhenney on Jimmy Kimmel Live and things took an unexpected turn when they got into his side hustle.

"One of the things that you are really great at is marketing," said McElhenney. "You have a whole marketing effort."

"I love it. I've always loved it," the Canadian celeb confirmed. "You know, I love commercials for like diet storytelling. You know, bite-sized bits of content, they're lots of fun."

As well as hopefully getting his wife Blake Lively involved in an ad, Reynolds said he also put together a commercial with McElhenney's wife, Kaitlin Olson, which the guest-host was unaware of.

They then played an ad where Olson and an actor who looked a lot like McElhenney promoted an erectile dysfunction medication.

"When a moment turns romantic, be ready with Hims," said the voiceover in the commercial. "The fact is, 52% of men over 40 will experience some form of erectile dysfunction, so treating it is nothing to be embarrassed about."

The camera then cuts back to McElhenney wearing what appears to be a perplexed expression followed by some uncomfortable silence.

"Personally I think they should make medication to get rid of erections," said Reynolds. "That's just me though."

"It's quite common for men over 40," he continued. "It's sort of like the flu but in your pants."

"Was that guy supposed to be me?" McElhenney asked of the actor in the commercial, which his good buddy Reynolds denied.

Hopefully, they're still friends after that little prank!

Reynolds was visiting the show to promote his and McElhenney's upcoming series Welcome To Wrexham which details the duo's process of buying the Welsh soccer team AFC Wrexham and all of the highs and lows that came from that.

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Sarah Rohoman
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