Saskatchewan Is Getting A Vaccine Passport & Scott Moe Says 'The Time For Patience Is Over'

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Saskatchewan Is Getting A Vaccine Passport & Scott Moe Says 'The Time For Patience Is Over'
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Saskatchewan is officially joining a growing list of provinces that will be implementing a COVID-19 vaccine passport in Canada.

In a post on his Facebook page on September 16, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe announced sweeping health measures in response to the province's current fourth wave and increasing COVID-19 case numbers.

"Unlike previous waves, this wave of the pandemic is being driven almost entirely by one group that consists of about 20 to 30% of our population. Those that have made the choice to remain unvaccinated," said Moe.

While he confirmed that the province will make an official announcement on Thursday afternoon regarding details of all the new measures, he laid several of them out during the video.

Starting September 17, the province will see an interim mandatory masking order come into effect for all indoor public spaces.

The order is set to be lifted in late October, at which time "a full proof of vaccination or negative test policy will be have been implemented for about three to four weeks," Moe said.

Proof of vaccination and the negative test policy will begin in the province on October 1. Moe said during the video that it will apply to several businesses, establishments and event venues while "excluding several services that are necessary for every citizen in the province to access."

According to Moe, all employees of government ministries, crowns and agencies will also be required to get vaccinated and have proof of full vaccination by the same date. They will, however, have the option of providing consistent proof of negative COVID-19 tests if they cannot provide proof of vaccination.

"As a province and as a government we have been very patient, possibly too patient. The time for patience is now over," he said.

Health Canada has a robust website with all the latest information on COVID-19 vaccines and can answer any questions you may have.

Emily Silva
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