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BC's Vaccine Passport Is Officially In Force & Rule-Breakers Could Face Fines Up To $575

You can also be fined for getting belligerent with enforcement officers.

BC's Vaccine Passport Is Officially In Force & Rule-Breakers Could Face Fines Up To $575

If you live in B.C., you'll want to make sure you have your vaccine passport handy or you could be facing some pretty hefty fines.

Starting on Monday, September 13, the B.C. Vaccine Card will be mandatory for higher-risk social and recreational events, and failure to comply could cost you hundreds of bucks.

If you attend a non-compliant event or urge others to attend, you could face a $575 violation ticket, according to the government. If you refuse to listen to and comply with an enforcement officer or get belligerent with them, you could be slapped with a $230 ticket.

As for businesses like restaurants and bars or event organizers, they can be subject to a fine of $2,300 for hosting non-compliant events or failing to meet provincial requirements.

Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry said during the September 7 press conference that rules will be enforced by liquor and cannabis inspectors, health inspectors, community safety units, gaming investigators, police, conservation officers and bylaw officers may issue fines.

"The first line of defence is not to call the police," said Henry. "The police are there to support us, to support businesses should somebody be disturbing the peace."

You'll need to use the digital passport to go to restaurants, gyms, concerts, and a host of other discretionary activities.*

"Events, businesses and services will ask to see your BC Vaccine Card and a piece of valid government photo ID," reads the government website.

If you don't have the passport already, B.C. is allowing people to use other forms of proof of vaccination up until September 26, which include paper proof such as immunization record cards given out at clinics.

The vaccine passport is currently set to be in place until January 31, 2022.

*This article has been updated.

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